Edit Images

Crop your image, apply filters, adjust light, curve tones, add effects, draw on it, blur it, add a splash… Is there anything we miss?

Add Borders

Adding borders is too easy! Our apps offer one-click blur border, custom image borders, and colored borders as well as a huge library of custom images and tiles.

Apply Masks

Mask your images with hundreds of pre-defined masking layers. The apps we published for special purposes like 4th July, 1st May or easter offers much more!

Add Frames

We offer a big library of frames for you. You can change their color or apply images/tiles on it! Change their opacity and shadow to get the best results!

Stick Stickers

Actually, we forget how to express ourselves without smileys and stickers. So, here we are! Our apps offer AppStore’s biggest sticker packs!

Type What You want

Our apps offer more than a hundred fonts in addition to pre-installed fonts of iOS. Your messages never had a chance to be customized this much before.

Use in your own language!

Not every one of our users knows English, and we know this better than we know English.

Our apps support more than 20 languages, from Russian to simplified and traditional Chinese!

Also, our special country targeted apps contains sticker packs translated into that country’s language!

See supported languages

Fulfill the potential of your photos!

Get Climaxapps’ apps now!

We published many apps, some of them are for daily purposes.

But as how we know the language support is important, we know your special days too!

Christmas? New year? Checked! 4th July? Checked! Calavera? Checked too! Mothers day? Fathers day? Valentines Day? Checked… Memorial Day? How can we forget? And Labor Day, every one of our’s day. Big checked!

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